Rainbow Tree is an education technology company committed to helping children build 21st century learning skills.

Our flagship program, Árbol ABC, offers over 1,000 standard based interactive activities for Spanish language students.

We specialize in the development of educational games, websites, eBooks, translations and graphic design of digital resources for school districts and companies.

Our Program

Used daily by students in 17 countries, Árbol ABC is the premier early learning website for Spanish language students. Our interactive games and activities engage students in their native language and promote an active learning environment both in the classroom and home. Our standards based activities easily compliment any Spanish Bilingual, ESL or ELL curriculum and help build a strong foundation for academic success.

Academic Achievement

Our standards-based games and activities have been designed by a team of educators and target different learning styles to promote educational excellence for all students.

Student Engagement

Children learn best when they are having fun. Our activities engage and motivate students towards higher order thinking through discovery and exploration.

Native Language Learning

Research shows children learn best in their native language. Árbol ABC is a fun way to support and reinforce classroom learning for Spanish language students.


We would love to work with you! We offer a full suite of digital solutions to customize your curriculum.


Educational translations require a high degree of accuracy. Our experienced team of bilingual educators can precisely translate or revise any text while preserving the context and intentions of the author.

Graphic Design

Engagement starts with aesthetics. Sophisticated layouts and smart designs to compliment your content. Graphic productions are available for print, web, and digital media application.

Books and eBooks

Reading is the cornerstone of learning. Our expert educators design instructional content suited to your needs while our graphic design team focuses on creating the most engaging and inviting books.

Game Development

Designed in collaboration with our team of educators, we create fully customizable HTML5 learning games that are highly engaging and entertaining.

Web Development

Online learning requires stability and dependability. We specialize in RESTful API developments to give greater scalability, flexibility and portability to your IT team.


Video is the fastest growing method of learning. We create interactive videos for instructional and independent learning to compliment any curriculum.

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